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Welcome to Utazo Spirits, where I aim to take you on a journey across the world through taste and smell. Our gins are based on travel inspired infusions, taking spices, fruits and other botanicals representative of the country and their culture, to create a unique artisan small batch gin. As we travel across the world together, you will enjoy the different flavours and tastes of the local culture through our gins, bringing a little piece of holiday and joy to your palette.


Utazo means traveller in Hungarian and was born through the creator’s Hungarian heritage. Ever since I was a small, I have had a passion for travel and adventure and enjoyed going on trips with my family. My father was born in Hungary and later moved to the UK. He had travelled widely and always told me stories of his adventures, which fuelled my own desire to explore the world. When developing our brand and thinking of a name for the company, I wanted to have a link with my Hungarian heritage and honour my late father. Utazo seemed to be a natural choice as it reflects the love of travel shared by myself and my family and friends in our brand.